Creating a set for a movie is just like creating a brand new world. And if you`re pouring passion in it, this will be visible on screen...
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After years of professional experience in the fields of art and architecture, in 1990 Antonello Grimaudo Rubino turned his attention full time to the film industry in the capacity of Art Director, Costume Designer and Production Designer.

He has worked on numerous significant television and film productions in many countries and is principally involved in projects of a historical nature. Within this sphere, he develops his work in such a way so that the visual element takes on the role of "silent narrator" in the eyes of the viewer. Thus the visual component contributes towards the narration of stories, emotions and slices-of-life through the use of forms, objects and nuances.

Particularly painstaking with regards to the reconstruction of settings, he attempts to mix historical reality with a wealth of images amassed by the audience, transforming the viewing of a film into a reassuring journey through one's recollections.

Other directors with whom he has worked include Ken Annakin, Pasquale Squitieri, Uli Edel, Andy Morhan, Massimo Terranova, Stefano Gabrini, Mark Roper, Tonino Valerii, Paul Feig, Eros Puglielli, Antonio Margheriti, Fabrizio Costa, Alfredo Peyretti, Gianluigi Calderone, Greg Marcks, Carlo Carlei, Dave Parker, Paul Bradshaw, Nigel Paterson, Marcus Nispel, Mike Wadding, etc.